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Solid Humans

Transitioning to greatness

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Solid Humans

The steps after high school are challenging. Around 65% of university students change their program or major in the first two years, which can have financial implications. Navigating university or college processes is overwhelming and stressful for students and their families. We can help you to feel confident and informed in the process. 

Solid Humans will provide third-party, professional guidance to support highschool students to understand their personal interests and build their educational pathways. Let us help you find your purpose and write your story. 

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To help you develop into a solid human

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Each journey is unique. To get us started, a one hour consultation is required to get an idea of what is happening in your world and how we can help.

Our consultation process is a mix of survey responses and one-on-one meetings which will help us identify what you need right now. Perhaps you have a good idea of what you want to study or where you want to go, but do not know how to start. Or perhaps you have no idea what you want to do at all, in all scenarios we will work with you to make a plan. Our consultation will provide the framework to our plan. 


 You are likely asking a number of questions as you make decisions about your future. What should I consider when selecting a school? How can I apply for loans? What does living on residence look like? 

We have a range of workshops, both synchronous and asynchronous available to you to introduce you to these important topics. The workshops provide general information about the transition, starting university and student life.

In partnership with You @ the U, Dr. Janet Miller and Solid Humans have put together an August overview to help new students get ready for their September start. This free workshop can be accessed here. Registration will open for future workshops soon.

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Transition Packages 

Based on where you are in your journey, I will provide a package option (usually 4-6 weeks) to keep you on track, motivated and informed about upcoming processes. This one-on one experience will push you to develop skills and reflect on your goals while creating a solid foundation.

During our sessions, we will cover boundary setting, expectations and address your personal concerns and opportunities. Your success is our priority and these transition sessions will provide personalized support.

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A few tools to get you started

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Client Reviews

Whatever you need to know, Kaylene will help you learn about it. It's her job to tell you she believes in you and you can do it; but hang around and you'll start to realize she means it and she might just be right."

Jason - New Student

"Kaylene is warm and engaging. I always know that if she hosting a session it’ll be a good one! I am certain that if she lights up online interactions this much, it will be much more in-person!"

Angel - New Student

“The sessions helped me appease my internal critic, my impostor syndrome. No matter what, I will be transformed on the other side of this experience, and there is enough support scaffolding to make the best of it"

Rafael - New Student

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